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3 Month Private Gym Membership


  • 1 – 1 hour JumpStart personal training session

  • 16 – ½ hr. one-on-one personal training sessions

  • Unlimited In-Studio workouts where you come in and do the workouts we’ve written for you on your own

  • Video support and guidance for all workouts/exercises

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During these three months, you will see many of the following benefits:

  • Strength & Stamina – so you can feel great even on your longest days 

  • Balance – to keep you strong and independent 

  • Reduced Joint Stiffness – to help you move with greater ease 

  • Fitness Education – you will learn correct technique, thereby reducing potential for injury 

  • Body Awareness – the more you are aware of your body, the better you’ll treat it, the better it will treat you! 

  • Bone Density – to improve the long-term health of your skeletal structure 

  • Mobility – to counteract joint swelling and arthritis 

  • Build a Deeper Sense of Community – Meet new people who will encourage you to be the best you you’ve ever been! 

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety - Times are hard!  Exercise is proven to improve mood and reduce negative feelings related to stress, anxiety and depression. 

When you put together all the above benefits, we are confident that you will find yourself moving through life with an

Increased Sense of Confidence & Overall Well-Being 

What our clients are saying about training with us...

Loved every single second of this! And a chance to continue? I'm in!!

Cheryl M.

Thank you for such a great 14 days! I was in a bit of a slump and this was exactly what I needed!

Nancy P.

I love the individual attention!

Joan K.

I loved these last 14 days!  It gave me something to improve my mood with so many unknowns right now.  I feel so much stronger and my balance has gotten better!

Lisa M.J.

What I enjoy most is that it is totally focused on individual wellness and it does not feel like a mass produced program.

Phyllis M.

I have more energy during the day, I'm eating better, and I'm not having any pain in my joints.

Tara W.

Our programming takes the best from the many disciplines we are certified in and combines it into one cohesive training process that we tailor to you as an individual.


The certifications that our staff members hold include:

  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • Athletic Trainer - MA Board Certified

  • Physical Therapist - MA Board Certified

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist - (NASM)

  • Certified Health Coach - Health Coach Institute

  • Pilates Instructor - Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute

  • Golf Fitness Specialist - (NASM)

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention - Tai Chi for Health Institute

  • LSVT Big (Parkinson's Fitness)

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