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As we enter our 60's (sooner for some, later for others) often, we begin to experience some issues that we have not dealt with before. Often, exercise can relieve some of these issues. Following are some areas where it would be reasonable to expect to see some improvement with our training plans:

  • Strength & Stamina – so you can feel great even on your longest days

  • Balance – to keep you strong and independent

  • Reduced joint stiffness – to help you move with greater ease

  • Fitness Education – You will learn correct technique, thereby reducing potential for injury

  • Body Awareness – The more you are aware of your body; the better you’ll treat it; the better it will treat you!

  • Bone Density – to improve the long-term health of your skeletal structure

  • Mobility – to counteract joint swelling and arthritis

  • Build a Deeper Sense of Community – Meet new people who will encourage you to be the best you you’ve ever been!

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety - Times are hard!  Exercise is proven to improve mood and reduce negative feelings related to stress, anxiety and depression.

When you put together all the above benefits,

we are confident that you will find yourself moving through life with an

Increased Sense of Confidence & Overall Well-Being


At A Better You Fitness & Wellness, we offer the Fit For Life (FFL) system to our clients. This program is specifically designed to make sure we are addressing the myriad of ways your body is impacted by the aging process, filling in the gaps left by traditional personal training programs. For more on this process, click here.


Whether you want to work with a personal trainer for every session, join a small group or you just want the regular guidance of a knowledgeable professional to help with your programming, we have some great options for you.

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Whether you are looking to:

  • Improve your general health

  • Increase your balance

  • Get ready for a 5k

  • Improve your golf game

  • Lose some weight

  • Stave off the effects of aging

  • Increase your sense of well-being

  • Become more active

  • Get stronger

  • Increase your endurance so you can do more in a day

  • Tone your muscles

  • Increase joint mobility

  • Challenge your body and mind

We are here to help and guide you through that process!  Our only goal is for you to become

A Better You,

as defined by you!!

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