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Pete Janson

Pete is the owner of A Better You Fitness and Wellness.  He has been in the fitness industry in some capacity for over 25 years.  He has been at it full time since 2008. 

In addition to running the business, he still makes time to train clients and teach classes.  He is our certified tai chi instructor, and specializes in injury prevention, pre-surgical, post-rehab and elder training.

Pete's top priority with every client is to help them find their inner athlete, while improving movement quality and posture, and reducing pain.

In his own programming, he enjoys going heavy and hard, though that looks very different than it did when he was 25! (Hey, we have to respect the aging process, right?) 


In his free time, Pete enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa, a physical therapist and part-time A Better You employee, his daughter Ellie, a college student studying psychology and social work, and his daughter Helene, a self-taught ASL expert and fitness enthusiast.

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