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Many of us have spent our whole lives in a seemingly endless cycle, chasing the latest diet program, only to watch our weight yo-yo up and down, as our new system “works” and then either we fall off or the system stops working for us.  We get discouraged and give up, until a new program or fad comes along for us to try.

What we have never done, is take the time and energy to change our habits for the long-term.  We have never evaluated the real problems with our food habits when left to our own devices.  We have always looked to an outside system to fix our problem.

Successful long-term weight loss is achieved by exchanging the behaviors that led to our weight gain for behaviors that will lead to life-long health and wellness.  This seems like it should be a fairly simple process


===> Stop doing that. Start doing this.<===


But there's a glitch in the system. The "that" which we need to stop doing is a behavior which is ingrained in our daily pattern of life and in the deepest recesses of our brains.  The "this" has not yet become such.




Habits are our brains default settings – They are where we are most comfortable going. We all have good and bad habits that impact the way we behave daily, often without even being conscious of it:

  • Brushing our teeth

  • Going to the fridge when we aren’t hungry, just bored

  • Using a planner calendar

  • Mindlessly eating our dinner after work in front of the television

  • Throwing dirty laundry on the floor, instead of walking the couple of steps to a hamper

The good news is that GOOD HABITS are the key to long term weight management, and that we want to help you learn how to develop them.  All of our nutrition work is focused on working with you to help you gain control of your eating habits once-and-for-all.

We offer two different nutrition coaching options:

Time for Change.png

In our 12 week Time for Change! program, you will work with your coach to begin the process of changing your habits to support lifelong health and wellness.  You will have the opportunity to select individual habits to add to your lifestyle that you and your coach believe will have the most impact on your long-term success.

You will lose weight by developing a plan for incorporating a healthy, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet into your lifestyle.  Your coach will work closely with you to help you find the best balance of calories, proteins, carbs and fats for both your lifestyle and your tastes.  You will have the opportunity each week to adjust these ratios/numbers to achieve optimal weight loss.

This program runs for 12 weeks, and is great as either a stand-alone program to help you get on the right track, or as an on-ramp into our longer term "Learn to Eat!" program, should you feel you need more assistance at the end of it.

The program includes:

  • A recommended calorie & macronutrient breakdown of your weekly nutritional needs based on your goals

  • Individualized topic and habit selection

  • Daily accountability for habits and macro intake

  • Lifestyle coaching to help you learn to better navigate challenging social situations, as they relate to weight management

  • Weekly weight and measurement check-ins to make sure your weight loss is on target

  • Weekly education (video and written) on topics which will support your success in both short-term weight loss and longer-term weight management

  • Additional coaching support as needed

Learn to Eat! Banner.png


Learn to Eat! is our program for those who want a completely personalized nutrition coaching experience.  It is an excellent choice for those who believe they need to make a significant life change, or need to lose a significant amount of weight.

In this program, we focus on weight loss, eating for health and wellness and learning the skills and habits to sustain long-term weight loss.  We help you cut through the clutter and noise that exists in our world today to find the best eating plan for you. 

​In our Learn to Eat! program, you will work with your coach to evaluate your current habits.  You will learn new habits to replace the old ones, while eating real food.  You will learn the tips and tricks that will help you to eat healthy for the rest of your life.

This is not a diet!  This is a program to help you finally lose the weight and take control of your health and wellness.  Upon completion of the program, you will have all the tools to attain and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

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To sign up for Learn to Eat! please book your first nutrition consult to get started.

3 easy bi-weekly payments of $99 each

One-Time payment of $179

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