Functional Fitness Evaluation

The Functional Fitness Evaluation is the cornerstone of our training process at A Better You Fitness & Wellness.  During our time together, we will discuss your lifestyle, your goals, your exercise and health histories.  We will talk about roadblocks you have faced in the past, as well as how we can help you avoid them in the future.  We will discuss any concerns you may have about the training process, as well as your likes and dislikes when it comes to exercise.

After this conversation, we will walk you through a short fitness/movement assessment, incorporating all of the things we have just discussed, while giving you your first mini-workout.

Upon completion of the movement portion o f the evaluation, we will discuss the best plan for you moving forward, including workout frequencies, scheduling, pricing and budgeting concerns.

Before you leave this first appointment, we will schedule your first official workout with your trainer.