When you join us at A Better You Fitness & Wellness, our goal is to help you meet your goals, improve your lifestyle and optimize your nutrition and your exercise time. 

No Gimmicks

All of our methods in our Personal Training and Open Gym sessions, as well as our classes, are time tested and proven to help you build real world strength, while losing fat and improving your body composition.

No Overnight Promises

Your exercise and eating habits have been built up over a lifetime.  When you work with us, we will guide you through our proven coaching process to help you change them, while helping you learn the skills to maintain them for the rest of your life.

No Magic Pills

In our  Learn to Eat! nutrition coaching program, you will eat real food, in healthy amounts and proportions, and you will achieve your weight loss or muscle building goals.

Just Plenty of Real Results

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get stronger or improve your health, we will help you make it happen.

And Our Commitment to Help You Become

A Better You


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