The Big Three Attributes of Fitness


Mobility is one of your biggest physical assets.  It's what allows you to get around smoothly and pain free.  It's the feature that makes the single biggest difference between aging well and feeling limited in your activities.


Performing strength work is your 1-2 punch against the aging process.  It helps to improve muscle mass and bone density simultaneously.  Done properly, it is also effective for improving cardiovascular health.


Often, we don't think much about our balance until it starts to deteriorate.  By addressing balance with every one of our clients, regardless of age or condition, they are able to pre-empt many of the difficulties of the aging process.

 To Get Started...

Before your first workout, we will want to do a full evaluation of your current fitness level in order to make the best possible recommendations for your training plan.  During this session, we will assess all areas of fitness, discuss your health history, fitness experience and goals, and go over budget and training options.  Click below to get set up with your initial evaluation.

Let Us Help You Optimize All 3!